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Find a lost or stolen phone

Add phones to your account & track them when needed

Instant location lookups

Check the location of your registered phones whenever you choose. Add up to 5 phones to your account.

Works with any mobile

Now Locate works on all mobile handsets. Some numbers such as landlines, VOIP and Skype cannot be located or tracked.

Easy to setup & use

Our easy-to-use interface lets you view the current location of a phone on Google Maps.

Keep your family safe

Keep track of your family. Know that your children or elderly relatives are safe*. (*To locate a phone you must have consent from the owner of the handset. Phone numbers are verified by SMS.)

How it works

Locate the people important to you, from any web device.

Family will always be number one and keeping them safe has never been more important. Now Locate allows you to keep track of up to 5 mobile phones, providing you with accurate location information from any web enabled device. Keep them safe without being invasive. (*To locate a phone you must have consent from the owner of the handset. Phone numbers are verified by SMS.)

Accurate location info for any phone on any network.

Instantly track the location of a cell phone at any time. No apps, no downloads, Now Locate works with any smart phone, dumb phone or feature phone.

Accurate location information will be displayed on a map so you can see exactly where the mobile phone is. Now Locate is available on all major phone networks (with the exception of Three).

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  • 50 location search credits a month
  • Track up to 5 phones
  • Multiple ways to locate a phone
  • Protect your family
  • 14 day money back guarantee
  • Private & confidential
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Terms: Access to the service is charged at 50p for 24 hours access, and then just £29.95/y if you keep the service. The service can be cancelled by the user at any time from within their account. The user will get 50 location search credits, and additional credits can be purchased if the user chooses. View full terms.